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Nissan Forum: How Hard is it to get parts? Potential D21 owner
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Old 11-24-2018, 04:47 PM
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Default How Hard is it to get parts? Potential D21 owner

Hi all,
Thanks in advance. I'm trying to decide between a Ford Ranger (2003) and a Nissan D21 (1993). In general I prefer the Nissan but I know I'll be able to find parts for the Ranger. Have you all had trouble finding parts? Any parts that commonly fail? I'm not looking to be a collector, I just want a cool, simple, small truck that is reliable that I can haul a dirtbike to the motorcross track with.

The particular truck I'm looking at is a 1993 Nissan pickup,2.4 4cyl 5 speed manual trans with rear wheel drive, 112,000 miles. He's asking $3200 but seems a little high, it is a one owner truck though which he claims doens't have any rust (although I can see some in the wheel wells in the photos). I *thought* $2,000 is fair value but perhaps I'm low. I hope I am as I do like the truck but if he thinks it's worth over 3 and he's just wrong then perhaps we're too far apart and it's not meant to be. Any thoughts on value for one that seems to be in relatively good condition, not too much rust, and 112k?

I'm in the US so not sure if parts are harder or easier to find here.

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Old 11-25-2018, 02:03 PM
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Hi Steve,

You have come up on a mostly dead group here. Infamous Nissan has a lot more activity.

But, while you are here, I'll address your question.

Most parts can be sourced through 3rd party manufacturers. Moog makes all the suspension parts. Hitachi is the original manufacturer of starters and alternators. But you are correct - Nissan does not import parts for these anymore. Often, your local dealer will still have some parts on his shelf, but they cannot get more.

I've seen only a few parts that were not able to be found. A guy was looking to replace or rebuild his Fast Idle Solenoid (I think) on a Z24i engine in his 1986.5 Hardbody. No one had it. The only thing he could do was buy a complete throttle body assembly that came with one.

$3200 isn't too bad, especially with the low miles the truck has on it. How does it look? Is it nice from storing it in a garage, or is the paint faded and dash cracked? Also, if you are up North, crawl underneath and look at the frame. These vehicles did not come with any special frame coating, so the salt can eat them up.

If you get the truck, be sure to keep the seller's email and phone number. His input could be valuable.

You can always go on to enter the truck's information. If it's in good shape, a private party seller should be about right for $3200. You might get him down as far as $2800, but he could also have others interested in the truck.

I've got a Facebook Group where people buy/sell Nissan Hardbody stuff. You are welcome to compare some prices:
~Joe (not a mechanic!)
1994 Heavy Duty D21, Long Bed, 2WD, V6, 5-speed
Free Hardbody Service Manuals: -
Trouble Codes for Nissan 1988-1995:
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Old 12-01-2018, 01:11 AM
steveChristmas908 steveChristmas908 is offline
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Thanks for the information,
I tried to respond before but it didnít seem to save :/

The truck seems to not have much rust at all which is pretty surprising. I also found an 86 which Iím interested in. They both have about the same mileage, similar condition, similar asking price. Both are 4 cyclinder manual trans. The 86 seems to be a better trim since it is 4x4 and has a sunroof.

I know the engines changed between 86.5 and 93, is either engine considered more reliable? I donít really care about power- I just want to be able to haul a dirtbike. Thanks for the link to the Facebook group. I donít have Facebook but I will see if I can see it.

If you had a choice between a base 93 and a maybe se trim 86.5 like I described above, what would you go for?
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Old 12-01-2018, 01:15 AM
steveChristmas908 steveChristmas908 is offline
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I can see the Facebook link btw, thank you. The other interesting thing about the two trucks is the 93 is the original owner, the 86 has been the same owner since 2001 and is a mechanic so itís really hard to say which way to go!
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