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Old 04-17-2016, 01:28 PM
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Angry Nissan Micra Spirita Overheating

Nissan Micra 1.4 Spirita 10 yrs old 24000 miles
This car is used very little however has plagued me with problems.
Over the last 12 months the latest problem has been the radiator red warning light coming on at approx 110c . It can be made to go off by putting the heater on. Aircon off.
To find out what the problem is I have done the following.
Checked and replaced the thermostat result no change. So removed thermostat result no change. Car is now running without thermostat.
Checked for blocked radiator by flushing a refilling system 3 times. Result could not find blockage. result no change.
Head gasket check by checking for oil or leaks in coolant system. Never lost any coolant and coolant always been free from oil or white gung result no change. Tried K - Seal coolant leak repair to fis possible head gasket problem - result no change after 2 weeks.
Original Temperature sensor replaced result no change.
Another sensor inserted into the top hose with temperature gauge wired up inside the car for monitoring.
Result when car is ticking over on the drive red light never comes on however electric fan runs when coolant reaches approx 98c on gauge. Haynes manual say fan runs at 92c.
On the road driving under load gauge shows 110c when red light does come on. So it appeared to me that the car is running hot.
Spoke to local garage who said they would look at it. Took car in, engine was kept running till hot but light never came on and I was told they found nothing wrong.
I then removed the water pump, found it was perfect so put it back. Belts not slipping.
Bought new radiator cap and found pressure spring to be stronger than the old one. Testing the car with each cap by running engine from cold until the fan came on time taken by new cap was 5 minutes longer than the old cap during three separate tests. So I thought I had fixed it. But no red light still comes on at approx 110c.
Also noted automatic gearbox oil is clean but level is high drained some oil out.
Thermostat opens at 86.5 - 89.5 c - no thermostat - been removed.
Radiator cap opening pressure .9 bars 13psi should raise temperature by at least 15c
Most engines operate 85 -96 c
50-50 antifreeze mix raises boiling to 106c .9 bar 13psi rad cap should raise this to approx 121+c
My Nissan shows it over heating when red light comes on at 110c is it overheating and why? Anybody know?
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micra spirita, overheating

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